Monday, March 9, 2009

Day of "Rest" feast

Today, on my DAY OFF, yeah right, I kissed my husband good-bye and watched him leave for his trip to LAX. I should have known then that this would not be a typical Sunday but the sun was high and the day warm. Who could have guessed the mayhem to come.
Ten minutes after my husband left my 2-year-old daughter threw dirt in my 4 year-old son’s eye. He, Bryson, was rolling on the sidewalk screaming and crying. Keep in mind that he’s a middle child so all this is normal. After a minute of him not getting up I took him in to flush out his eyes. More crying and more screaming followed, again not too unusual for my boy.
Then, off to church, lunch, and dropping the 6-year-old off at religion class. An hour later I picked him up from his class and drove the 4-year-old to soccer practice. After 10 minutes in the sun I knew that I would be making a trip to the ER. So, I dropped the two other children off at mom’s house and headed to the ER with Bryson. 2 hours later I got back to mom’s to pick up the kids. While gathering shoes, my SWEET daughter runs as fast as she can to my parent’s bedroom. WHY? Well to consume a bottle of thyroid pills I guess??? I scoop the pills out of her mouth, throw the boys in the car and head back to the ER. So, a few hours later life is finally returning to “normal”. Normal…1 crying, 1 throwing up and 1 yelling “Mom what’s for dinner”.
IF your day went anything like mine then “what’s for dinner” seems a huge task but fast food even bigger. All I could think was that none of the drive- through restaurants offer wine and I sure could use a glass.

So if you spent your day shuttling kids to and from the ER, religion class and soccer then here’s a quick and easy solution to “mom, what’s for dinner?”

½ diced Onion
1lb Ground Beef
2 Links of Hot Italian sausage
1 can of Great Northern Beans
1 can of Sliced Mushrooms
Fresh Parsley
Salt and Pepper
1 lb Penne Pasta


Start salted water to boil for pasta. Brown onion, beef and sausage while pouring yourself a glass of wine. Add beans, mushroom and all spices to meat mixture. Simmer until the pasta is ready. Throw everything together and eat.


Ciao Chow Linda said...

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Karen said...

Oh, my. Two trips to the ER in one day! Bless your heart.
(One of the reasons I quit after two.)
Hope your next day off is better.

Culinarywannabe said...

Holy cow!! I could use a glass of wine just from reading about your day! I hope everyone is feeling better (including mom) today.

Maria said...

I hope you are relaxing and have a better week!

Sara said...

Sounds like a crazy day! I love anything that involves sausage.

Penny said...

At least you won some chocolate. I'm surprized you had the stamina to cook at all. Hope everyone is better.

Donna-FFW said...

What a crazy day, you must be so tired, I got tired reading of it..Dish sounds exactly like a perfect weeknight meal. Hope your night goes easier.

Kevin said...

That pasta looks tasty!

Shelly said...

Lol I cracked up reading this! A crazy day indeed. Oh yeah, your pasta looks really good!

Anonymous said...

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